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About Us


Based in Silver Spring Maryland, Real Fairytale Weddings is more than just a full service event planning, production and design company. We are experts in every aspect of event planning and production with about 10 years of experience in the wedding planning and event coordination industry.

   We value every single one of our clients and we are committed to delivering the highest level of integrity in everything we do.

   We believe that life is a series of moments. Some of those moments make us laugh, other moments take our breath away. And then there are the truly special moments, the ones that we think about and plan for ages, and it is these fairytale moments that we at Real Fairytale Weddings want to help you turn from dreams into reality. It is these special milestone moments that we live for!

What we offer

 Designing, Lighting, Special Effects,

Rentals & Planning.

Our Specialties include
 *   Table Design

*   Floral Design

*   Bouquet Design

*   Lighting Design
  *   Centerpiece Design
  *   Venue Decor + Design

Our Event Design & Creative team will want to eliminate the stress that comes with planning a wedding, social gatherings, work function or client meeting so that you are free to simply enjoy yourself and build relationships with your guests, family and colleagues.

So just sit back, relax and watch our design team

bring your vision to life for your wedding, social or corporate event.


an upscale event planning, event decor, designing, rentals & effects production

Sika & Bmp Event Rentals is the parent company of

Real Fairytale Weddings.

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